казино шангрила ереван

Shangri La Casino Yerevan Armenia is the best place for Gambling and Entertainment in Armenia.

It offers slot and table games, texas holdem and black jack.

Shangri La Yerevan casino entrance fee is $100 in exchange for lucky chips which you can make bets with.

There is a system of club cards offering additional service (free entrance, free bar and restaurant, a right to take part in special events).

The complex features a parking for 100 cars and a taxi service.

The facility is located in one of the picturesque places of Armenia on the 10th km of Yerevan-Sevan highway. The company supports established international standards of service and security.

Storm International as a responsible gaming operator understands all possible risks of gambling.

Gambling is a particular style of risk taking that is exciting and fun.

For most people who enjoy gambling in a casino, it is an entertaining experience.

But the minority of people cannot control their passion, being capable to become addicted to anything, including gaming.

Problem gamblers will continue playing whether winning or losing.

As gambling takes over their life, many other things can suffer: family life, their job and other interests.