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Then coming into the nineteenth century – the Russian military benefited from a from lottery in 1914 – and 1970 saw the introduction of a Sports Lottery which essentially became the benchmark for future Russia Lottery games as it allowed players to pick their own numbers just like most world lotteries of today instead of using a raffle type of system of pre-printed numbers.

These days Russian Lottery games are just as cutting edge as all National and State Lotteries to be found across the world with Orglot being the main operator running the most widely-played and popular Russian Lotteries – the Gos Loto – Гослото – range of games.

Further on down the page you will find us using both the words Gos Loto and Гослото when talking about the Gos Loto 7 49 – or Гослото 7 49.

Quite simply the latter is the true Russian spelling of the name and the former is its English translation.

Today’s Russian State Lottery is operated by Orglot who are a private enterprise and were formed in 2003 by the now defunct Gazprombank.

Orglot’s Russia Lottery games are fully authorised and approved by the Russian Federation Government and they are proud members of the European Lotteries Asscoiation.

From the outset – the principal aim of Orglot has been to provide funding for the Sports and Health industries within the Russian Federation whilst at the same time offering exciting Russian Lottery games.

The inaugural game to be offered by Orglot was Gos Loto 7 49 for which the first draw took place on September 10th 2005 and it still produces the biggest lottery jackpots of all Russian Lottery games today.

Orglot and Gos Loto use some of the most technically developed lotto equipment on the market – provided by Intralot – the Greek company who supply and assist with technology to the lottery industry in 53 different countries.

Having fully covered all aspects of this original Orglot Russian Lottery game we are most pleased to recommend to anyone taking a much more detailed look at just how the Gos Loto 7 49 – Гослото 7 49 – works below…As the name of the game would imply – the Gos Loto 7 49 is played using a single, 7-ball matrix of 7/49 – meaning that when you Play Gos Loto 7/49 you have to select 7 numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 through to 49.

You can, of course, pick your own lottery numbers – but the Gos Loto 7 49 also offers a Quick Pick option whereby you can also choose to ask the computer or your lottery retailer to select your 7 numbers for you.

This is the same as the Easy Pick or Lucky Dip options that are available on most The net was cast even wider in September 2012 when lotto players from anywhere around the world could now begin to play Russian Lottery games no matter which country they lived in – the most prominent online lotto ticket sales company This has proved particularly attractive for native Russians who may now be living outside of the Russian Federation but who would still like to play Russian Lottery games – and equally so for lottery players around the world who would like to have a go at the Russian Lottery and thousands of prizes are available to be won after the draw every Sunday – from matching all of the winning lottery numbers for a jackpot prize right down to matching only 3 of the winning numbers drawn.